4 Tips for Protecting Your Elderly Loved One’s Hearing

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Your loved one’s hearing is just as important as his eyesight, but it’s tough to know when he might need help. In general, if he has trouble hearing over the phone, has trouble following Elderly-Care-Briarcliff-NYconversations because others seem to be mumbling, or turns up the television so loudly that conversation is impossible, it might be time to get more help. If your loved one isn’t that far gone, though, there are some things that you can do to help him to protect his hearing for a little while longer.

Avoid Loud Noises

Loud noises are a common source of hearing damage and if your loved one engaged in loud activities when he was younger, he’s probably experiencing the effects now. Loud music, lawn equipment, and even loud vehicles can all cause additional damage. You can get a decibel meter so that you can measure sound levels, but you don’t have to be that exact. If your loved one is around loud noises, keep ear plugs handy to protect his ears.

Have His Ears Cleaned

Sometimes you or your loved one may feel as though he has hearing loss when what could be happening is that the wax in his ears has built up and formed a clog. It’s never a good thing to put any items, especially cotton swabs, in anyone’s ears, so that’s not a good way to clean out your loved one’s ears. Have his doctor take a look and clean them out for him. Your loved one’s doctor can also verify that there is no damage to the ear canal or to the ear drum.

Stay Alert for Ear Infections

Ear infections are not something that only little kids can get. Your elderly loved one can easily get them as well, and these can cause hearing loss. To help lower the risk of ear infections, make sure that your loved one, you, and home care providers all wash your hands regularly. Sometimes ear infections can crop up as a secondary problem along with a cold or the flu. Stay alert for ear pain or discharge from the ears and see a doctor right away if those symptoms show up.

Check His Medications

Some medications have side effects that can affect hearing. It’s a good idea if your loved one’s hearing changes to talk to his doctor about this and make sure that it’s not a side effect of one or more medications. If it is, then your loved one’s doctor may consider switching his medication or changing the dose before the damage becomes permanent.

Protecting your loved one’s hearing means staying alert for all sorts of problems that can create loss.

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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services