5 Things to Know About Occupational Therapy


Caregiver in Ardsley NY: 5 Things to Know About Occupational Therapy

Because April is National Occupational Therapy month, it’s a fine time to get acquainted with all of the health and wellness benefits that occupational therapy has to offer patients of all ages, especially for the elderly. Family caregivers can help aging loved ones learn more about the benefits of occupational therapy and how it can improve their health and well-being and even slow down age-related decline.

Occupational therapy has a unique and beneficial focus that provides seniors with the chance to enjoy meaningful daily activities and promote self-reliance. Blending occupational therapy with other senior services like home care, meal services and more can allow seniors with diminishing ability to still find success in living independently in their own home. During National Occupational Therapy Month, caregivers can explore more about this life-changing profession.

Here are 5 things to know about occupational therapy:

  1. Occupational therapy can help the elderly when they are affected by illness, injury, memory loss or declining health. The focus is giving seniors the training and education they need to continue to perform tasks related to daily living. The goal is to provide them with the ability to maintain as normal a life as possible.
  2. Occupational therapy is the key to giving the elderly a way to overcome physical limitations that might stop them from self-care. With occupational therapists, patients can regain the ability to bathe, shower, dress themselves, groom themselves, prepare meals, feed themselves, care for the home, care for pets and much more.
  3. Occupational therapists are actively involved in educating their patients, home care aides and family caregivers about what the elderly patient might need as far as making modifications to the home to promote independence. From preventing falls to implementing technology and tools to aid seniors, occupational therapists will assess each patient’s needs and make recommendations accordingly.
  4. Occupational therapy is proven to help seniors with their mental health as well, because they are able to experience a greater quality of life. When elderly patients can take care of themselves and others, they experience positive mental health, a greater satisfaction from life and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.
  5. Occupational therapy can take place in a number of locations. Many therapists will make home visits, or they could work in hospitals and clinics. Senior citizen centers often host occupational therapy visits and many other senior resource groups combine with occupational therapists to promote education and advocacy for seniors.

While occupational therapy can really help out patients of all ages, seniors are especially encouraged to take advantage of this service. Family caregivers and home care aids can work together to communicate their observations on what areas the elderly in their care might need occupational therapy for. Then, family members can make plans to get an evaluation for their loved one and start treatments.

As seniors are faced with mental and physical challenges, they can use occupational therapy to feel confident about setting individual goals and find the support they need to achieve them.

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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services