Family Caregivers – What to Expect

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Most family members would not think twice about taking care of their aging parent. It would be a way for them to give back the love and support they once provided for you. As much as you are Caregiver-in-Eastchester-NYwilling to help, are you really prepared for the road ahead? Depending on your loved one’s health condition, there may be too many challenges to face alone. In these cases, an elderly care provider can step in and take over for you.

If you feel you are truly ready for this new chapter in both yours and your parent’s life, then here are some tips to get you headed down the path to success.

Become Educated

Educate yourself as much as possible on your loved one’s medical condition. Knowing more about it will help you provide the type of care they need. You will also be able to be better prepared for any symptoms that will take place later on. This information can be found by doing an internet search on the illness or by talking to the elder’s doctor.

Let Them be Independent

While you may be needed to assist your loved one with a majority of their daily tasks, such as getting dressed and bathing, encourage them to be independent when possible. This could mean allowing them to pick out their own clothes or do other chores around the home that they are capable of accomplishing on their own. If they can do it themselves, let them.

Find Support

Finding other caregivers who are going through similar situations can be extremely comforting, especially to new caregivers. Meeting these people will show you that you are not alone in your feelings and situation. Local support groups are an excellent way to get advice and listen to other caregiver’s stories. There are also a number of online support groups available for you to meet other caregivers.

Listen to Your Gut

Even if you are taking the doctor’s advice and have read all of the information on the elder’s condition, listen to your gut. If something does not feel right, it probably isn’t. Alert the elder’s doctor when these uneasy feelings arise.

Know When to Ask for Help

If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, do not be afraid to ask for help. Consider having other family members or friends help with some of the caregiving responsibilities. An elder care provider can also take care of your loved one for you, giving you more time to spend with your family.

Being a caregiver may have many ups and downs. However, you can be better prepared for the role by following these tips.

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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services