Are You Uncertain You’re Actually a Family Caregiver?

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Very often new family caregivers don’t see themselves in that role and don’t define themselves in that way. They see themselves as helping out their elderly loved one or just being there. If youCaregiver-in-Eastchester-NYrecognize these scenarios, though, you’re probably more of a family caregiver than you realize.

You’re Handling Tasks So Your Loved One Doesn’t Have to Do Them

You might be running errands for your loved one or even stocking up her fridge, cooking some meals, and taking care of housecleaning. All of these things are tasks you take on because you care about your loved one and perhaps she’s not able to do them as much as she likes. Elder care providers could also handle these tasks for your loved one, but you like the hands-on ability to be of service.

You’re Helping Your Loved One with Personal Care Tasks

Your elderly loved one might have periods of time where she feels better than at other times. During those episodes, she might need a little more help than usual, particularly with dressing, showering, or other personal care tasks. Especially if this is a temporary situation, you might not consider this caregiving.

You’re Managing Medical Appointments and Doctor Conversations

If your elderly loved one has some scary health conditions or gets nervous at the doctor, she might enlist your help with her medical appointments and conversations with the doctor. This is something that you might find yourself doing more and more often, particularly if her health starts to worsen significantly.

You’re the One Everyone Calls When Your Loved One Needs Help

When there’s a problem that concerns your elderly loved one, who do the members of your family call? This often means that even if you don’t believe that you’re the primary family caregiver for your elderly loved one, the rest of your family does see you that way. Starting to view yourself in that manner can help you to be a better caregiver for your loved one.

You don’t need a title to be there for your elderly loved one, of course, but it can help you to understand more about your role in her life.

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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services