How Can Care for Your Senior Help You Deal with Caregiver Stress?

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Caregiver stress is an extremely common issue among those who take on the role of being a family caregiver for their elderly loved ones. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports to Caregiver-in-Harrison-NYa high percentage of these caregivers suffer from stress that they have difficulty managing and that more than half of family caregivers put the needs of their care recipient in front of their own, resulting in them neglecting themselves. This can be detrimental to your own health and well-being, as well as the care efforts that you are able to put forth for your aging loved one. Fortunately there is help available. Starting home care for your loved one can help you deal with your caregiver stress and ensure your senior gets the care they need and deserve.


Some of the ways that care can help you deal with your caregiver stress include:

  • Make more of your time. You only have but so much time in your day and just because you are a family caregiver does not mean that your other obligations and needs disappear. Feeling like you always have a to-do list that is longer than you can handle can contribute to and worsen your stress, but entrusting a care provider with some of your parent’s care tasks allows you to cross some things off of your list and use your time more effectively. This includes giving you time to focus on yourself and your own needs.
  • Know they have what they need. If you are caring for children, managing a marriage and a home, and keeping up with your career, there are going to be times when you are not able to be with your parent or to do the things that they want you to do. This can lead you to feel stressed and anxious feeling as though you are diminishing their quality of life. A care provider can be with your elderly loved one on a customized schedule so that they have the emotional support, companionship, and transportation that they need to maintain a lifestyle that is active, engaged, and fulfilling.
  • Manage sensitive tasks. Many elderly adults need assistance with potentially sensitive tasks such as bathing, toileting, and dressing. For some family caregivers, however, these tasks are emotionally difficult for them to handle. Your parent might feel uncomfortable with you handling these tasks or you might not be able to approach them emotionally. The services of a care provider mean that these tasks can be handled effectively, respectfully, and with dignity without you having to be directly involved with them.


Caregiver stress can be extremely difficult, but home care can help. Starting a care relationship for your elderly parent can not only ease your own personal stress and protect your health and well-being, but can boost your parent’s quality of life throughout their later years. The highly personalized services of this care provider will be tailored specifically to your parent’s needs and the care routine that you have already developed for them. It is also customizable, meaning that as your parent’s care needs or your ability to fulfill these needs change over time, the care services provided can also change to ensure they remain as effective and efficient as possible.


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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services