International Clothesline Week

Caregiver in Harrison NY

There are few things as wonderful as laundry that has been dried out on the line. As a family caregiver you are always looking for ways that you can accomplish your care tasks effectively and Caregiver-in-Harrison-NYefficiently while saving money and getting the results that you desire for your loved one, which makes drying their laundry out on the line a fantastic choice for your care efforts. June 4 through 11 is International Clothesline Week. This week, take advantage of the warm weather and fresh breezes of the summer by putting your parent’s laundry out to dry.


Use these tips to make drying your parent’s laundry on a clothesline as effective as possible:

  • Soften up with vinegar. Drying clothes out on the line can make for wonderfully fresh clothing that requires no drain on resources to dry, but it can result in stiffer clothing than what you are used to. Especially if you use softening products such as fabric softener or dryer sheets when you dry your clothes in the dryer, the clothing may feel somewhat harsh when you take it off of the line. Combat this with simple vinegar. A half cup full of white vinegar in the rinse cycle will both soften the fibers of your clothing and remove any offending odors that did not wash out with the detergent
  • Avoid the stretch. Hanging clothing should be done strategically in order to prevent distortion or stretching of the clothing. Hang shirts by the hemline rather than by the shoulders to prevent the shoulders from becoming misshapen and the shirt itself from stretching. Hang pants by the cuffs rather than the waistband for faster, more effective, and even drying
  • Do not fold. Folding of laundry comes after the drying, not during. Do not fold your parent’s clothing over the line. This will cause strange lines and wrinkles and take longer for the clothing to dry. Instead, use simple clothes pins that will allow the clothes to hang in one layer and dry both through the heat of the sun and the wind
  • Do not overload the line. Make sure that your clothes have plenty of room to dry on the line. Overcrowding means longer drying times and can weigh the line down. Over time this can result in the line sagging or breaking, meaning you could end up with all of your nice clean laundry on the ground. Only hang what you can comfortably put on the line without the pieces actually touching
  • Use nature to freshen. Not all clothing or linens need to be washed every time they are worn or used. If the clothing or blanket is not dirty and does not have sweat or residue on it, you can save even more energy by simply freshening the clothing out on the line. Mix distilled water, vodka, and your favorite essential oils to create a natural, inexpensive linen spray and spritz the item as it hangs on the line. Allow it to dry in the sun with the rest of the laundry for a freshened piece that you can use again.


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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services