Getting Ready for Spring

Caregivers in Scarsdale, NY

Caregivers in Scarsdale, NYWinter is over halfway done, and spring is looming like a warm paradise on the horizon. Now is the time for a family caregiver to plan the next months of activity to take advantage of the longer and brighter days by updating the working wardrobe and planning outdoor activities like gardening and exercise.

Start Cycling in Summer Clothes
Weather is notoriously unpredictable these days, so it can pay to keep your clothing availability more versatile to match its temperament. Start breaking out small sections of the summer clothing storage into the laundry while cutting down on winter items. By the end of February, you should have at least three spring outfits ready for yourself and your charge to account for a couple days in a row of bright and sunny skies with a backup set in case of emergencies.

Plan a Garden Schedule
Gardening is a light physical activity that can produce beautiful scenery and cost-saving food in a surprisingly small amount of space, making it a way for nearly everyone in the family to contribute to the needs of the household while getting the body moving.

Aside from digging around in the dirt, the hardest part of gardening is that it requires thinking ahead and creating a gardening schedule to be done effectively. The energy needs of plants vary from ones that can thrive in a ceramic planter in the windowsill of an apartment building with a splash of water every few days, while others need tight manipulation of heat, lighting, humidity, water, and nutrients. Mid to late winter is when you should begin examining your gardening options and researching the best ways to raise the flora you have in mind.

There are plants that need to be grown indoors in the winter before being planted outside in the spring, so don’t assume that there’s no work to be done now, either. When there is no precipitation, you can prepare outdoor garden beds by clearing out weeds and debris from the soil, adding fertilizer or other forms of nutrients like compost, and giving it a good sifting and tilling.

Get Ready to Move!
More than a few people have packed on extra pounds over the holiday season, and it is almost time to run out of excuses for getting up and moving to work off the weight from all the turkey and pie. Pick nearby parks, beaches, or roadways for taking exercise-focused walks, then plot out a few easy, medium, and hard courses throughout those areas. You should be able to pick an entire week of one difficulty level without walking the same course twice to keep your walks refreshing for both your body and your mind. Be sure to ask the doctor about safe exercises to add on to your fitness routine and about a physical checkup if you or your charge haven’t had one recently.

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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services