Going Antiquing


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Spring is the perfect time to take your elderly loved one out on outings.  The weather is warm, but it isn’t too hot yet, and they are likely to be eager to get out of the house!  One fun activity Elder-Care-in-Harrison-NYcaregivers can do with their elderly loved ones is to go antiquing.  Whether you have an antique mall nearby, or you need to take a day trip to large flea market, it is always fun to discover new treasures.  If you and your loved one have an interest in going antiquing, read on for some tips to help you make it an enjoyable and memorable experience!


Plan Out Your Adventure

Before you head out, be sure to plan your trip.  Decide what stops you will make and how long (approximately) you will be at each one.  Be sure to schedule in a lunch break and a break for a quick snack.  When you are out of the house, it is easy for elderly adults to forget to take their medications at the right time, so be sure to remind them.  If you plan to spend the whole day out, be sure not to make a jam-packed schedule, but make the day leisurely and relaxing.  This way, you are both sure to have a great time!


Get Your Walking In

Exploring an antique mall gives you both a great opportunity to get some physical activity.  By walking around the mall you will both be burning calories, strengthening the body, and boosting your mood and energy.  It won’t even feel like exercising, since you both will be doing something that you love!


Make a Wish List

Oftentimes, antiquing is about impulse buying and buying things that strike your fancy in the moment.  While this adds to the fun of antiquing, it never hurts to make a wish list.  Discuss with you loved one some of the treasures they hope to find.  Is there a comic book from their childhood that they would love to get their hands on or are they seeking to add to a figurine collection?  When you have a wish list, the hunt for particular items can make an antiquing trip more exciting.


Set a Budget

Discuss ahead of time what you would be willing to pay for certain items.  For example, agree not to spend more than $50 on a chair or $10 for a vinyl record.  Sometimes it helps to look up the value of your wanted items online to give you an idea of what you should expect to pay.  When you have a set budget in mind, it can help you both be better at negotiating prices and not overspending!


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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services