Ways to Help the Medical Team in the Emergency Room Give Your Parent the Best Care Possible

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You never want to think about your aging parent getting injured or having an illness. You want to make sure that they stay as healthy and safe as possible throughout your care experience, and you Elder-Care-in-Scarsdale-NYput all of your effort into protecting and caring for them. Sometimes, however, accidents happen or illnesses occur and your parent will need more extensive care. This might result in your parent needing to go to the emergency room for the attention and assistance that they need. When this occurs, it is vital that you are prepared to help their medical team give them the best care possible.


Use these tips to help the medical team in the emergency room give your parent the best care possible from the time that you enter until you are ready for your parent to be discharged and head home:

  • Bring along information. The process of registering a person in the emergency room requires many different pieces of information. It is important that you are able to provide this information as efficiently and accurately as possible so that your parent gets proper care promptly. Put together a folder that contains information including a copy of their insurance card, their personal information such as Social Security number and birthdate, any information about medical conditions and medications that they are taking, and contact information for you, their doctor, and any specialists. Make sure that this folder is easily accessible for you as well as their elder care provider so that they can grab it if they need to bring your parent to the hospital.
  • Keep them calm. If your parent is agitated it is going to be much more difficult for them to get the care that they need efficiently and comfortably. Keep them calm and focused while you are waiting in the waiting room as well as when you are brought back into the treatment area. This can be difficult if they are frightened or in pain, but it can make a tremendous difference in the quality of care.
  • Communicate clearly. It is essential that your parent’s medical team gets the information regarding what is happening as efficiently, clearly, and concisely as possible. This goes for nurses, nursing assistants, and doctors. When a member of the medical team asks your parent why they came to the emergency room, make sure that they communicate accurately, thoroughly, and concisely. Rather than telling a long story or injecting emotional elements into the information, they should express their symptoms and give pertinent information so that the team can interpret it and start the proper treatment as quickly as possible.
  • Be proactive. Remember that there are multiple people in the medical team and that they are likely caring for several different patients. As hard as they will try to make sure that they give the proper care, it is possible that they will overlook notes or will make mistakes. Be proactive about what your parent needs. Remind them about issues such as allergies, current medical treatments or conditions, and what the others of the medical team have already done for your parent. This can help to prevent miscommunications and ensure accurate treatment.


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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services