How to Find Out if Your Elderly Loved One Needs Help at Home

Elderly Care in Ardsley NY

It’s not always easy for you to figure out when your loved one needs additional help at home. One way that you can determine this need is to ask your elderly loved one, but you might not get the Elderly-Care-in-Ardsley-NYanswer that you expect. Ask yourself some of these questions about your loved one’s daily activities to determine if it’s time to hire senior care providers who can be there when you can’t.

Does Your Loved One Need Help with Household Tasks?

As your loved one ages, household tasks that she’s done all of her life become more difficult. Physical problems such as arthritis can contribute to that problem or your loved one could just be exhausted more often than she used to be. She may need help with general housework, yard work, or even meal preparation. Any of these tasks are easy enough for you to take over for her.

Is Your Loved One’s Eyesight Getting Worse?

If your loved one’s eyesight is getting worse, that can certainly impact her ability to perform certain daily tasks. Modifying her home for safety is important, of course, but so is getting her additional help if that makes her life a little bit easier. Regular eye appointments can help you to keep tabs on how her eyesight is progressing.

How Is Your Loved One’s Hearing?

Your loved one’s hearing is something that she might not notice when it starts failing. Often you and other family members are among the first to notice failing hearing simply because it becomes more difficult to communicate with her. This can pose a problem for your loved one because she might not always hear a knock or the doorbell and she might not hear the phone ringing.

Is Driving a Problem for Your Loved One?

All of the above conditions can also cause a problem for your loved one when she’s driving around town, not just when she’s at home. Having help to get to her appointments and to run her errands can make her life so much easier and you’ll also have peace of mind that she’s safe and in good hands.

These are questions that you should be asking yourself periodically so that you can adjust the amount of help that your loved one needs as she needs new levels of assistance.


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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services