Could Your Elderly Loved One Benefit From Seeing a Geriatrician?

Elderly Care in Greenburgh NY

The relationship your loved one has with her family doctor is an important one.  Chances are, if your parent hasn’t moved, she has seen the same doctor for a number of years.  For your loved one, Elderly-Care-in-Greenburgh-NYthis is great because the doctor is able to get to know her and her needs.  But, as your parent ages, you may be wondering if seeing her family doctor is enough, or if she needs to see a doctor who specializes in the health of older adults – a geriatrician.  A geriatrician is a doctor who has more advanced knowledge of the medical conditions that affect adults over the age of 65.  There are many reasons why some elderly adults choose to visit a geriatrician, here are just a few of the benefits your loved one can get from seeing a geriatrician.


Managing Multiple Medical Conditions

If your elderly loved ones suffer from multiple chronic medical conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, etc., they may benefit from seeing a geriatrician.  Since your loved ones likely require treatment and medication for each one of their medical conditions, it is a great idea to have a doctor who can look at their treatment as a whole and find treatments that work well together as well as lifestyle changes.


Helping Caregivers

When a loved one suffers from multiple chronic medical conditions, it can be very stressful for the caregiver.   Caregivers may experience anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed, and sometimes difficult decisions.  A geriatrician can help caregivers to get the help they need.  They can refer your loved one to other medical professionals that can help such as counselors, nutritionists, and physical or occupational therapists.


Helping Your Loved One to Live at Home

If your loved one is becoming less independent due to medical conditions, a geriatrician may be able to help them and you get the resources you need to keep them living at home.  If your loved one suffers from frailty, dementia, or any other condition that is making normal day-to-day activities such as bathing, dressing, preparing food, and eating very difficult, they may need some extra help at home.  A geriatrician can help direct caregivers to the resources they need to help their loved ones live safely and comfortably at home.


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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services