Simple Ways to Keep Your Parent Feeling Warmer in Their Home as the Weather Changes

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Summer is winding to a close and the fall months are starting, which means that for much of the country, the weather will soon be changing if it has not already. The crisp, cool weather, beautiful Elderly-Care-in-White-Plains-NYcolors, and excitement of the autumn season are wonderful for enjoying with your elderly parent, but the fall weather can also pose some challenges. Older adults are more susceptible to cold temperatures than younger people are. This puts them not only at risk of being uncomfortable as the weather changes, but can also make them more vulnerable to illness as their body fights to keep their temperature stable. Finding simple ways to keep your parent feeling warmer and more comfortable in their home as the weather changes can help them focus on the wonderful things that the season brings rather than just the potential discomfort of the changes. These simple changes can also help  your parent to resist cranking up the heat, which cuts down on their carbon footprint and helps them save money.


Try these simple ways to keep your parent feeling warm and comfortable in their home as the weather changes from summer to fall:

  • Wear socks. The body loses the most heat through the top of the head and the bottoms of the feet. Wearing socks can help your parent feel warmer instantly, but is also easily modified. This means that if they get too warm, your loved one can easily peel their socks off and cool down.
  • Decorate with blankets. Having beautiful blankets draped across the furniture is a quick way to make the home look more welcoming and inviting, but it also makes it easy for your parent to grab one and cozy up while they are reading, watching television, or visiting.
  • Sip a warm beverage. Staying hydrated is essential for health, and it does not have to mean sipping cold drinks. When the weather is cool, try switching to decaffeinated coffee or herbal tea. These hot beverages are soothing to hold and to drink, helping your parent to feel more comfortable even on cool fall nights.
  • Seal up. One of the greatest risks to your parent’s comfort is also a major risk to their home and their budget as well. Over time the seal on windows and doors can break down. This allows air from the inside out and air from the outside in. During the cool weather this means that the chills are getting into your parent’s home and any heat from inside is getting out. Go through their home and test the seals on windows and doors by holding up a light piece of paper or fabric beside the seam. If it moves around, the seal is not good enough and you should go through with some caulking to seal them up. This protects the climate in the home and also keeps their utility bills under control.


As you are reevaluating your care efforts for the new season, it may be the perfect time for you to consider starting senior care for your aging loved one. Having a senior home care services provider in the home with your elderly parent is a fantastic way to help them to make the most out of every season of the year while also making sure that they stay safe, healthy, and comfortable. As the fall weather comes in, this care provider can help to make sure that your loved one stays warm and comfortable, avoids the health complications that can come with this time of year, and maintains a lifestyle that is as active and engaged as possible.


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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services