Handling a Summertime Cold

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When you think of suffering from a cold it is likely that the first thing that comes to mind is the fall and winter months. After all, it is called a “cold” so it makes sense that you would experience it Home-Care-in-Ardsley-NYduring the colder months. While the fall and winter seasons are peak time for people to contract these illnesses, colds can and do occur during other times of the year as well, including the summer. In fact, somewhere between 30 and 50 percent of all colds occur during the spring and summer months as opposed to the colder seasons. When it comes to the actual experience, a cold that your aging parent suffers during the summer months may actually be more severe and difficult to cope with than one that occurs during the fall or winter. Being prepared to handle such an illness can help them to get through it more quickly so that they avoid more serious health complications and can go back to enjoying the fun of the summer season.


Use these tips to help your parent handle a summertime cold:

  • Understand the cause. Likely another relation to the name “cold”, many people are under the belief that these illnesses occur primarily because people turn the air conditioning on during the summer months so they are exposed to continuously cooler indoor temperatures than they might have been during the spring. This is not entirely true. Air conditioning can increase the chances that your parent will experience a summer cold and can worsen the symptoms by drying the nasal passages and predisposing your parent to infection. The actual infection, however, comes from a virus just as it does during the fall and winter months. Understanding this can help to ensure that you and your parent’s home care provider continue to work together to keep germs under control.
  • Do not overdo it. The colder temperatures of fall and winter often make it easier to rest when suffering from a cold. When the weather is nice and the temperatures are warm, your parent is much more likely to want to get out and be involved in the world. This, however, can make it much more difficult for them to get over their cold. An in home health care services provider can be exceptionally helpful in ensuring that your parent gets the rest that they need to get better.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Just as you would if your parent was sick during the fall or winter, encourage them to drink plenty of fluids. This will ward off dehydration and help the body to produce the mucus and other substances it needs to fight off the germs. Even if the temperature outside is soaring, consider offering hot tea. This can be extremely soothing to the throat and help to relieve nasal congestion.
  • Set up the humidifier. The dry conditions of indoor summer air can make a summer cold worse. Set up your parent’s humidifier in their bedroom so that it can help to keep their mucus membranes moisturized. This will help to keep them more comfortable while also aiding the body in fighting the actual illness.


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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services