3 Big Differences Between Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s Disease

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When a loved one starts to deal with uncontrollable shaking, Parkinson’s disease is a normal condition to think of at first. The true culprit could actually be essential tremor, though, and it’s Home-Care-in-Eastchester-NYimportant to have your loved one’s doctor perform tests to come up with an accurate diagnosis. If you’re still waiting for results or you’re not entirely sure that these conditions are different, here are some important differences that can ease your mind a bit.

When the Attacks Occur

If your loved one is dealing with essential tremor, then he likely experiences shaking when he’s trying to use the affected parts of his body. As he tries to concentrate more on the movements of that limb, the shaking is likely to become worse. In Parkinson’s disease, on the other hand, the tremors are more pronounced when your loved one’s limbs are at rest. This is one of the easiest ways for you to guess which condition your loved one is facing before you have an actual diagnosis from his doctor.

What Parts of the Body Are Affected

Your loved one’s hands, voice, neck, and head are more likely to be affected if he has essential tremor. In some cases, the tremor may extend to the legs or feet, but that is more unusual. People who suffer from Parkinson’s disease often find that the tremors start in their hands and then move into the other parts of the body, such as arms, chin, neck, legs, and feet.

What Other Conditions Crop Up

One of the things that people who suffer from essential tremor fear is that it can turn into something much worse than it is or that other health conditions are going to show up. Essential tremor isn’t associated with other conditions, though, so there is that peace of mind. Parkinson’s, however, can develop other conditions, many of which are neurological in nature. If you’re concerned that another of your loved one’s health conditions may be related to essential tremor, be certain to talk with his doctor in order to rule out potential causes and conditions.

Living with essential tremor can be scary for your loved one. Make sure that his home care providers know about his concerns so that they can help to alleviate them.

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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services