Important Tips for the Family Caregiver

 Caregivers in Scarsdale, NY

Caregivers in Scarsdale, NY

Caregivers in Scarsdale, NY

Caring for an aging parent or providing for such care may be one of the most trying times of a person’s life. It can cost you in time, money, and emotional energy. Those who become the family caregiver may face many challenges. Family caregivers can easily find themselves isolated and exhausted as their reward of choosing to care for their aging parents. We believe family caregivers deserve respect and the chance to enjoy the satisfaction that can come from doing the right thing. So we have put together this brief list of tips for those facing this difficult time of life.


Consider hiring professional help.
If the care needs of your parent are beyond your skill level or require more time than you have to give- hiring a professional caregiver or caregiving agency may be your best option. In-home care agencies can put together a comprehensive care plan for your parent and spread the work out over several individuals in order to avoid any one person burning out.

Beware of scams.

Financial abuse of the elderly and those who care for them has been at epidemic levels for decades. Look closely at any offers that come your way, knowing that the elderly are targeted for many different kinds of schemes. Consult a financial advisor before you make any investments.

Plan your care.

Those who intend to perform the care for the parent personally have got some serious planning to do. First, you should answer a number of questions.

  •  Is it feasible to lose time at work, or to leave a job altogether? Many people will fly to a parent in need without thinking of the long-term consequences of setting up a support network. This can lead to a situation where both the elder and the caregiver are unsupported.
  •  Will extended family offer help?  It may not be feasible for one person to do everything alone. If there will be no one else to help, professional in-home care may be best.
  •  Is the available house a suitable place for providing elder care? If the home is not safe or properly outfitted for the care (ie specialized showers, gripping floor mats, sturdy handrails,     etc), of an aging person, then a change of location or some remodeling will be needed.
  •  Can the elder be left alone? It can be very difficult to transport an aging parent every time one has to run errands. One must secure help if the parent cannot be left alone.

Most of all, remember to take care of yourself. Whether or not you intend to take care of your parent personally, watching the end stages of the aging process can be emotionally and physically draining. Be sure to care for yourself, or there may be no one left to care for them.

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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services