Improving quality of life for seniors through physical therapy

Senior Care in Armonk, Bedford, Hawthorne NY

According to WebMD, a popular web site, there’s a nondrug treatment for the elderly that, among other maladies, works for arthritis, cancer, Parkinson’s, incontinence, and improves strength Senior-Care-in-Armonk-Bedford-Hawthorne-NYand endurance. What’s the treatment?

“It’s physical therapy,” says Margot Racano, physician and community liaison, at Access Physical Therapy and Wellness. “It provides countless benefits for the elderly. It can even help Alzheimer’s because the therapy mimics activities that the patient might have once enjoyed, such as brisk walking.”

Access Physical Therapy and Wellness provides quality physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services. It has multiple offices, including three in Westchester County, NY – Armonk, Bedford and Hawthorne. The three Westchester offices are owned by Neil Chernick, a physical therapist, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and certified personal trainer.

Racano says Access Physical Therapy and Wellness strives to help its patients, especially the elderly, keep their independence. That means providing treatments aimed at keeping elderly patients in their homes rather than moving into assisted living facilities.

That’s one reason why it refers some of its patients to The Perfect Home Care. Like Access Physical Therapy and Wellness, The Perfect Home Care provides services that allow its clients to continue to enjoy the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. Similarly, The Perfect Home Care refers many of its clients to Access Physical Therapy and Wellness.

“The services offered by our two companies definitely complement each other,” says Racano. “We know that many of the clients of The Perfect Home Care suffer from incontinence. Indeed it’s a common malady that inflicts many elderly. To the unfamiliar, it seems unlikely that physical therapy can help with incontinence. In fact, physical therapy makes a huge difference in the treatment of incontinence. And helping manage incontinence makes things a little easier for the aides from The Perfect Home Care.”

Another area where physical therapy helps the elderly is balance. “There are many treatments aimed at improving balance, especially for patients who have had joint replacement surgeries or amputations,” says. Racano. “Indeed, improving balance even helps the daily aches and pains in the joints that many elderly feel every day.”

In addition to Westchester, Access Physical Therapy and Wellness also has offices in Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster and Orange counties in New York, and in Pike County in Pennsylvania.

“We are, frankly, selective in our referrals, but we don’t hesitate when it comes to Access Physical Therapy and Wellness,” says Phil Waga, co-president of The Perfect Home Care.  “They provide an invaluable service that unquestionably improves the quality of life for the elderly.”

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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services