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Complimentary In-Home Assessments


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Complimentary In-Home Assessments

Customized care is among the specialties offered by The Perfect Home Care.  That’s why we provide free in-home assessments and consultations. The no-pressure assessments and consultations – without obligation – yield the special needs and requirements of our clients.  Armed with this information, we’re able to design customized programs that are as unique as the individuals for whom we provide care.

The proprietors of The Perfect Home Care – Ed Trapasso and Phil Waga – personally conduct the assessments and consultations. They use the non-obtrusive technique of conversation and observation to gather the facts needed for customization. They seek to identify the client’s general health, lucidity, mobility, food preferences, and favorite activities, among other factors.

Communication is the cornerstone of all relationships. The assessments and consultations represent a preliminary step in establishing an ongoing channel of communications with the client’s family members, loved ones, and friends.  Such open communication delivers multiple benefits, including the ability to anticipate and address concerns before they grow into problems.

An examination of the client’s household is another important feature of the assessments and consultations. If the client desires, The Perfect Home Care will evaluate the house to identify security issues, such as fire hazards or inadequate locks. If such hazards exist, we will work with the family to hire the outside resources needed to correct the hazards.

Ultimately, the assessments serve to help identify the caregiver best suited to meet the special needs and requirements of the client – the loving care and assistance necessary to make their lives easier and to retain their independence, while providing their families with the peace of mind that their loved ones are safe, happy and healthy.