Senior Aide With The Perfect Home Care Warns About the Dangers of Lung Disease

Senior Care in White Plains NY

Tia Carney, a senior aide and advisor to The Perfect Home Care, points out that October is Healthy Lung Month, “a good time to pay attention to the symptoms that could be the first signs of lung disease.”Senior-Care-in-White-Plains-NY

Tia says that if you experience any of the following warning signs, make an appointment with your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

Warning signs:

Chronic cough: Any cough you had for a month or longer is considered chronic. It tells you something is wrong with your respiratory system.

Shortness of breath: If it occurs on an ongoing basis, it’s a sign of a problem. Labored or difficult breathing – where you have problems breathing in and out – is another warning sign.

Heavy mucus production: Mucus is produced by the airways as a defense against infections or irritants. Lasting longer than a month could indicate lung disease.

Wheezing: This is a sign that something is blocking your lungs’ airways or making them too narrow.

Coughing up blood: It can signal a serious health problem.

Chronic chest pain: Unexplained chest pain needs to be checked out immediately.

“Pay close attention to these signs and consult your physician immediately if you have any of these conditions,” Tia says. “Early detection could save your life.”

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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services