Tracking Seniors Who Wander Off

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You’re no doubt aware of the Amber Alert system—a nationwide alert system that lets people in a specific area, small or large, know of a child that has gone missing. Well, some parts of the country Senior-Care-in-Ardsley-NYhave what’s known as a Silver Alert, the same kind of alert system, but for seniors who have wandered off or otherwise gone missing. The fact is, with an aging population outpacing the current birth rate and debilitating diseases like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia affecting so many people in the U.S alone, the realities of physical and mental impairment are all around us—there’s no way to avoid it completely.

Wandering is a behavior that commonly affects those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Disorientation brought on by the disease makes even familiar surroundings become unfamiliar, resulting in some with dementia to wander, sometimes getting themselves into dangerous situations that can lead to serious injury or death.

So the Silver Alert system is a great concept—but it’s only a start. There is more that you can do and more technology available to you if you’re responsible for some or all of the senior care your loved one may need.

There are a variety of tracking devices on the market today, designed specifically for helping track people with Alzheimer’s or some other dementia. They are also very useful if someone has a medical condition which requires medication at a specific time; or in the event you simply want to know where your loved one is 24/7.

The devices are very small and usually intended to be worn around a person’s neck, ankle or neck, though some can be placed in a person’s shoe sole or heel. The way they work is like this: The device sends out a signal and allows you to track someone’s movements online. This is even good if you’re loved on still drives and plans to take a trip someone. Instead of them calling you to let you know they’ve arrived safely, the GPS device can send you a signal when they’ve arrived at their destination.

If your loved one is a wanderer, a tracking system allows you to locate them by looking online should they go missing. They can either send a signal to a senior reminding them it’s time to take their medication, or can help you find them quickly if they need to take medication and have wandered away from home.

Indoor alarm systems are another form of a tracking system. With these devices an alert is sent out to contacts if outside doors, or doors to basement and attics have been opened. They can even alert you if a window has been opened.

It’s a great way of knowing where your loved one is and helping keep them safe without taking away all of the independence. There are a number of places loved ones can begin to investigate tracking devices and their capabilities. Search the internet for GPS tracking devices, or start here:


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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services