What Type of Pulmonary Rehabilitation Equipment Can You Put in Your Loved One’s Home?

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After your loved one completes his initial pulmonary therapy, he still needs to continue what he’s learned in order to manage his COPD effectively. Some types of exercise equipment can double as pulmonary rehabilitation equipment, too. Always talk with your loved one’s doctor to make sure that these types of exercises are okay for him.

A Treadmill

One of the easiest ways for your loved one with COPD to get more exercise and to build stamina is through walking. But walking outside, especially when his stamina isn’t so great, can be scary and difficult. What happens if he gets a block away and can’t go any further? A treadmill is the perfect solution to that because when your loved one gets tired, he can simply stop. It’s also easy to gauge improvement, change speeds, and stick with walking.

A Stationary Bike

Another option, especially if your loved one has other mobility issues or concerns, is a stationary bike. He can sit on the bike and get the same cardio benefits as he can get from a treadmill. Recumbent bikes allow your loved one to lean back, too, and many people find these to be more comfortable. Stationary bikes are adjustable as well in terms of tension and speed, so they’re perfect for adapting to stronger lungs and bodies later.

A Set of Light Weights

A surprising amount of pulmonary therapy involves upper body strength. This is because your loved one’s upper body needs more conditioning to help support his lung functions. Get a set of super lightweight dumbbells that your loved one can use to do a variety of different arm exercises. They don’t need to be heavy at all in order to help your loved one to build muscle strength and stamina.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can give your loved one a total body workout very easily. These elastic bands are available in a variety of different resistance strengths so your loved one can start out easily and work his way up the tension ladder. Some have handles while others are just a continuous band. These are great for upper and lower body exercises.

Work with your loved one’s doctors and senior care providers to come up with a program that’s right for your loved one.

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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services