One of Our Aides Juggles Work, School – and a Young Son

Senior Care in Brooklyn NY

Many folks fail to achieve their lifelong goals, tripped up by bumps in the road that life inevitably throws their way.  That’s not the case for Gwen Cephus.


Gwen Cephus

The 29-year-old resident of Brooklyn, NY has always dreamed of being a medical professional.  And now – despite the challenges of raising a three-year-old son and a demanding work schedule – she is achieving her dream.

“I always wanted to be a medical professional, so I made up my mind to study to be a medical assistant,” says Gwen. “It’s a tough schedule, but I just do it.”

It is indeed a tough schedule.  During the day she performs her duties as a mother and wife. At night during the week, from 5:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., she attends classes. And on weekends she maintains a job as an aide with The Perfect Home Care, commuting two hours via public transportation from her Brooklyn home to her assignment in Ossining, NY.

Despite the grueling schedule, she doesn’t complain. “In fact,” she says, “it’s not that difficult if you learn how to manage your time.  And I’ve become very adept at managing my time.”

The time management includes carving out the hours necessary to complete her homework.  “I have five homework assignments each week, which have to be submitted by Thursday,” she explains.  “I spend at least two hours a day doing homework, including studying for a weekly test.”

Gwen is completing her studies at the Allen School of Health Sciences in Brooklyn.  It’s a ten-month program. According to the school’s catalogue, the medical assistant program, “prepares graduates to fulfill the administrative and clinical responsibilities associated with operating medical facilities.”

Gwen defines the position this way: “The medical assistant is usually the first person you see when you visit the doctor.  She takes vital signs, medical history, insurance information, and those sorts of things.”

Gwen hopes to land a fulltime position when she completes the program.  “Working in the medical field is something I always wanted to do,” she says. “I find it very satisfying.”

In fact, in the near future, she may pursue a nursing degree as well. “I feel confident I can do it,” she says.

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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services