Is Your Parent Having a Stroke? Here are 7 Warning Signs  

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Strokes are caused when the brain is deprived of blood and oxygen. It is not always easy to tell if your elderly parent is experiencing a stroke or another health condition. However, if you notice anySenior-Care-in-Chappaqua-NY of the following symptoms, your loved one is most likely experiencing a stroke and should get immediate medical attention. The sooner they get treated for this condition, the better their chances of receiving a full recovery.

Older adults who live alone may not have anyone to get medical help if a serious symptom arises. A senior care provider can be hired for this reason, alerting family members and medical professionals if the elder has an alarming symptom. If you or the senior care provider notices any of these warning signs, they could be suffering from a stroke.


Symptoms of a Stroke

The following symptoms may begin to appear gradually, becoming increasingly intense as the symptom progresses. If you are concerned, take them to the hospital as soon as possible.

  1. Confusion or having trouble understanding what others are saying
  2. Feeling numbness or weakness in the face, arm, or leg, which usually occurs on one side
  3. Difficulty seeing with one or both eyes
  4. Complaining of dizziness
  5. Trouble walking, as well as stay balanced or coordinated
  6. An unusually severe headache that appears out of the blue
  7. Problems speaking


How to Check for Stroke Symptoms

If you think your loved one is having a stroke, think FAST:

Face: Check to see if one side of their face is drooping by having them smile.

Arms: Have the senior raise both of their arms to see if one is higher than the other or if they are having trouble holding one arm up.

Speech: Ask the elder to repeat a short, simple sentence. If their words are becoming slurred or they are difficult to understand, they could be having a stroke.

Time: If they failed any of these tests, call 911 immediately in order to get them the medical help they need.


Even if you are unsure if the elder is actually suffering from a stroke, take them to the hospital. If it was a false alarm, no damage will be done. Yet, if they are having a stroke and the elder is not given medical attention immediately, it could cause severe damage to their brain and ability to communicate.


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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services