Tips for Plane Travel With Your Senior Loved One

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Planning a trip with your senior loved one can be exciting, but also worrisome for the caregiver.  If you will be traveling by plane, you might be concerned about your loved one’s comfort during theSenior-Care-in-Eastchester-NY trip, making sure they remember to take their medication, and how you can help them manage chronic medical conditions while away from home.  While traveling by plane might be challenging and exhausting for seniors, many airlines and airports are very accommodating to seniors and their needs.  If you will be traveling by plane with your senior loved one soon, read on for some helpful tips to make the trip a success.


Book Smart

If your senior loved one needs special accommodations, it is best to make these requests when booking the flight.  If you wait until the last minute, there is a change that your requests will not be granted.  In order to be clear about what your loved one’s needs are, book your airline tickets over the phone so that you can speak to a staff member.  Let them know if your loved one will need a seat with extra leg room, a wheelchair, or an electric cart.  Also be sure to let them know if your loved one will need to bring an oxygen tank.


Ask About a Special Security Lane

Security check points can have long lines which means lots of standing.  If your loved one has difficulty standing for long periods of time, make sure you ask about a special security lane at check in for passengers with disabilities.  In addition, passengers over the age of 75 should not have to remove their shoes or jacket when going through security.



At airports, it is important to plan for delays and/or long wait times.  For this reason, it is important for your loved one to bring their medications on their carry-on so that they have them if/when they need them.  Even liquid medications should be approved to go through security, but they may need to be inspected separately.


Ask to Board Early

Some airlines allow senior passengers to board first so that they can comfortable for the flight.  At check-in, ask if this is a possibility for your loved one.  In addition, it might be helpful to let your flight attendant know about any medical condition your loved one might have in case they need assistance during the flight.


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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services