4 Simple Ways to Care for Aging Parents

Senior Care in Harrison NY

Caring for an aging parent can be both a rewarding and challenging experience. Depending on their current physical and mental health condition, some adult children have to care for and Senior-Care-in-Harrison-NYsupervise their loved one at all times. Some people prefer the assistance of elder care providers because these professionals can provide the care and attention the elder is in need of. However, if you help with some or all of the caregiving responsibilities, here are some tips to easily provide the assistance your loved one needs.


  1. Set realistic expectations. Sure, you may want to be the primary person to help your elderly parent with their daily responsibilities, but are you really able to? Many family caregivers have jobs or families of their own that require their attention. Only commit to helping with the tasks you know you are able to help with instead of spreading yourself too thin by trying to help with everything.
  2. Talk about finances and medical conditions. Sit down with your aging parent and discuss where all financial and legal documents are located. These. Papers may be necessary if there is a medical emergency, so knowing where they all are is important. Also, before deciding to become their caregiver, you need to have a better understanding of what will be needed from you. For example, do they have arthritis that makes it difficult to brush their own teeth or comb their hair? Then you will most likely be needed to help. Talk to their doctor to find out what your responsibilities will be.
  3. Determine what the senior will need to stay at home. If your loved one would prefer to live at home, make sure there home is safe. Consider installing grab bars in the bathroom, removing all clutter in the hallways or living room that may create tripping hazards, add brighter light bulbs, and turndown the water heater to prevent the elder from scalding themselves. You may also want to consider hiring a senior care aid to live with your love done in order to keep them safe.
  4. Involve other family members. Caring for an elderly parent does not have to just be your responsibility. Instead, recruit other family members to help. Each one could take. Are of a different ask in order to make sure the elder is getting the care they need, while reducing stress among the caregiver.

These four tips will help you effectively assist your loved one with the caregiving responsibilities they need.


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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services