Safety Tips for Seniors from New Rochelle’s Finest

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The New Rochelle Police Department, one of largest and best in Westchester County, points out that the more citizens know about preventing and avoiding crime, the better law enforcement can Senior-Care-in-New-Rochelle-NYenhance their quality of life.

To that end, the department has just issued a fact-filled crime prevention publication, and The Perfect Home Care is working closely with the police to get the word out.

“The tips and suggestions that the police are offering are invaluable, and we want to make sure that seniors get the message,” said Ed Trapasso, president and co-owner of The Perfect Home Care. “At the heart of citizen safety is crime prevention, and it’s our responsibility to help seniors realize what they can do to improve their quality of life.”

The police point out that securing homes against falls is vital for senior safety. “Among elders, falls are the leading cause of injury and deaths,” the police say, pointing out that one-third of adults 65 or older fall each year.

Also important, police warn, is that seniors should not release any personal information over the telephone to anyone that they don’t know or trust.

Another key bit of advice is that seniors use a buddy system so family and friends, and perhaps a senior center, always know where they are and what they’re doing.

Inside the home, police point out that pathways should be clear and rugs secure, stairs should have railings, and bathrooms should include walk-in showers with skid protectors on the floor and grab bars on the walls.

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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services