Senior Care Tips: Effective Ways to Downsize for Your Loved Ones

Senior Care in Ossining NY

One of the main issues that many elderly adults face after entering into a senior care relationship with their adult children is the need to adapt to a simpler lifestyle due to financial restraints. MostSenior-Care-Ossining-NY seniors lived on a fixed budget, which can become difficult when they are coping with the needs and limitations that can come with age. As their family caregiver, one way that you can help your seniors live more comfortable within the constraints of their budget is by helping them to downsize.

Downsizing is all about simplifying and streamlining so that you are still able to live a high quality of life, but on a reduced scale. This can occur purely out of need to adapt to more stringent financial needs, or because the person just wants to live a simpler, easier life and focus on other things. Whatever the reason, helping your parents downsize can be a meaningful experience for both of you, and make your care journey more successful.


Use these tips to help you find effective ways to downsize for your loved ones:

• Start with services. Many people spend exorbitantly on services each month without ever realizing how much they spend because it comes in many different payments rather than in a large lump sum. Evaluate the services that your parents use each month and determine if they really need them or if you could trim them down to save them money. For example, if they do not watch all of the premium channels in their cable plan, you may be able to downgrade to a smaller option, or if you have the time and the physical capability, you may be able to take on the lawn work so that they do not have to hire professionals to do it. Make sure you only eliminate or lessen services that will not have a far-reaching negative impact on their quality of life.

• Living arrangements. Living in a large house is convenient when your children are all living at home, but your seniors may still be living in that large house now that they are alone. This means that they not only have more space to move around while contending with mobility limitations, but have to pay more for upkeep, heating and cooling, and other details. Consider finding a smaller home for them or even transitioning them into living in your home if you have enough space. This will save them money but also eliminate the need to maintain a large home and lawn or move around a space that could be dangerous.

• Streamline belongings. Do your seniors have rooms of their home that they never enter, or an attic, garage, and storage spaces overflowing with items they never look at? Streamlining their belongings by throwing away, donating, or gifting these items can not only ensure they are put to use, but remove stress and anxiety from their daily lives. If your parents are dealing with hording behaviors or have cognitive limitations that may make it difficult for them to understand the process, consider having their senior health care services provider take them on an outing while you evaluate their home and start organizing your approach.


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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services