Tips for Family Caregivers – Lowering Stress Through Unplugging

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Our devices such as our smartphones, tablets, and computers can certainly make life easier.  Quick communication with email and text messages can help us connect with loved ones and Caregiver-Greenburgh-NYimportant answers are often just a search away.  While technology has definitely helped family caregivers do their jobs more efficiently, too much reliance on gadgets can actually cause an increase in stress.  Being constantly available to receive calls and texts, excessive visual stimulation, and information overload can make family caregivers feel overwhelmed which is why it is great for family caregivers (and all people) to take periodic breaks from devices.  For some, this can be quite difficult at first, so here are a few ways family caregivers can get started on lowering their stress through unplugging:


Set a Timer

Spending time browsing the internet or surfing social media can be entertaining, educational, and fun when it is done in moderation.  However, too much time spent online can cause you to disconnect from the people in your offline life.  To get a handle on how much time you spend on devices, set a timer next time you go online and make a commitment to turn it off once the timer goes off at 20 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.


No Devices Past Bedtime

Studies have shown that too much screen time at night can actually have a negative effect on sleep.  In order for caregivers to lower their stress levels, getting adequate rest is a must, so this may mean that caregivers should make a habit of unplugging each night before bed.  Replace any screen time before bed with another, less visually stimulating activity such as reading a book or a magazine, knitting, or writing in a journal.


Do Activities Device-Free

While it is important for family caregivers to have their phone on them in case of emergencies, it isn’t necessary for them to be using them all of the time.  When engaged in another activity such as taking a walk, shopping, or cleaning, keep the phone within earshot, put keep it untouched.  This will help you get the other activity done more efficiently and with more enjoyment.  Chances are, you will find it refreshing to complete a task without distraction!


While these tips may be hard to implement at first, habitually unplugging from devices should get easier over time.  If you are having trouble giving up excessive screen time, remember to start small and set reachable goals.  Even a gradual decrease in screen time will help lower stress and help you get reconnected to a happy and healthy life.


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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services