Elderly Care Fun: Getting a Taste of Summer with a Late Winter Cookout

Elderly Care in Harrison NY

The cold temperatures and even the lovely drift of snow can be welcome when you are preparing for Christmas and dreaming of a postcard-worthy image to greet your holiday morning, but by theElderly-Care-Harrison-NY time New Year’s draws to a close, it is easy to feel like you are done with the winter season. When you are longing for the warmth and fun of the summer months, you do not have to resort to dreaming of a tropical getaway as your only means of shaking off the chill. While you may not be able to change the weather or escape to a warmer climate, you can give your mind a bit of a “vacation” by enjoying a taste of summer with a late winter cookout.

Whether you live in a region that calls it a cookout or a barbecue, breaking out the grill and cooking up your favorite meats and veggies to serve alongside summertime salads and treats is a great way to remind you of times when the weather was not quite so frightful and the holidays that you were planning were about bright lights in the sky rather than strands of them around your house. Planning a winter cookout with your loved ones is a fun way to break out of your winter rut, revisit those flavors that you love and that will help you to get away from your usual routine when you just cannot eat another turkey sandwich, and make some fun memories with your family members and friends.


Use these tips to help you get a taste of summer by planning a late winter cookout with your loved ones:

• Get a grill pan. If there are a few inches of snow on the ground you might not be too keen on the idea of bundling up and heading out to crank up your outdoor grill. Even if you do brave the elements, you might not be able to keep the grill going hot enough to cook your food the way you like it. Instead, invest in a good quality grill pan that you can place on your stove. This type of pan might not give you the wood or charcoal taste, but it does offer some nice grill marks and will whisk away the fat in your meat.

• Embrace liquid smoke. Replace the “grill” taste on your food by adding a few drops of natural liquid smoke flavoring to your marinades before cooking your meat or vegetables. This liquid is vegan but adds a rich, savory flavor reminiscent of food cooked right over an open flame.

• Enjoy your favorite salads. You might not think about them throughout the cold months of the year, but potato salad and pasta salad are available in your refrigerator deli case all through the year. If you do not want to make your own for your cookout, pick up a couple of these and serve them in your favorite picnic dishes.

• Get your seniors involved. Have your parents and their elderly health care services provider contribute to the cookout by making deviled eggs, mixing up some lemonade, or setting the table with picnic supplies. This gives them an emotional boost knowing that they are an important part of the fun, and stimulates their minds as they work through their task.


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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services