Elder Care Tools: Modified Technology to Improve Your Parents’ Independence

Elder Care in Eastchester NY

Maintaining independence is of great importance for most people, particularly as they are getting older and realize that they are dealing with physical, mobility, medical, emotional, or cognitive Elder-Care-Eastchester-NYlimitations and challenges that make it more difficult for them to do the things that they have always done, or that they must do for themselves on a regular basis. By encouraging your parents to maintain as much independence as possible in your elder care journey you help to support higher mental and emotional health, stronger self-esteem and self-confidence, and higher motivation to continue taking care of themselves and live a healthy, active, and engaged lifestyle.

While there are many ways that you can support ongoing independence in your aging parents, modified technology can be extremely helpful. In today’s tech-focused society most people utilize a wide variety of appliances, electronics, and other devices throughout the day every day to meet their regular needs, keep themselves entertained, and simplify tasks such as cleaning. Some of these gadgets and tools, however, are not ideal for older adults who have physical limitations, arthritis, or other such issues, and may even be dangerous for them to use on their own, making it necessary for you or their elderly health care services provider to assist them with tasks throughout their home. Introducing modified technology into their daily routine enables your parents to handle more of their regular tasks on their own while staying safe, healthy, and in control.


Some of the modified technology that you and your parents’ elderly health care services provider can use to support ongoing independence throughout your parents’ later years include:

• One cup coffee makers. Picking up a big carafe of coffee can be challenging for seniors and put them at increased risk of burns. A one cup coffee maker is easy to use, only requires that your parents pick up a single cup of coffee, and eliminates the waste that comes with making a whole pot of coffee for just one or two cups.

• Jar openers. Opening a jar or bottle in the kitchen can be challenging for anyone, but especially difficult for a senior with mobility problems, weakness of the joints, or arthritis. Jar openers make opening these items fast and simple to eliminate the pain and potential skin damage, and reduce the risk of dropping and breaking glass jars or bottles.

• Doorknob grips. You might not necessarily think of them as technology, but a doorknob grip is a fantastic tool to help seniors with arthritis and other mobility issues use their homes independently, safely, and comfortably. Traditional round doorknobs can be extremely difficult for these seniors to grip, and those made from slick materials can be even harder to turn. These grips are made with textured rubber and fit right over the round knob to make it easier to hold and turn comfortably.

• Large button phone. Make keeping up communication with your loved ones easier for them with a phone designed specifically for those with low vision. The large buttons are easy to see and easy to press even for those who have mobility issues.


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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services