What Complications Should You Watch for if Your Elderly Loved One Breaks a Hip?

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Once your elderly loved one has broken a hip and is being treated, there are other complications you need to be aware of in order to spot potential problems quickly. Being uncomfortable due toElderly-Care-in-Greenburgh-NY her hip issue is one problem, but developing some of these other complications can cause even more trouble for her.

Loss of Muscle Mass

A broken hip usually leaves your elderly loved one on bed rest for quite some time. During that time of rest, her muscles usually weaken and she may lose quite a bit of their initial mass. That means that when she is ready to be up and about, your loved one may be much weaker, which can increase the likelihood of her falling again. Your loved one’s doctor may recommend physical therapy to help counter this problem.

Pneumonia or Other Breathing Issues

Being confined to bed doesn’t do much for your loved one’s lungs, either. The act of moving around helps so many of your loved one’s organ systems, but particularly her lungs. She may develop pneumonia while she’s forced to stay in bed. This can especially be a problem if she already has issues with her lungs, such as COPD or other lung illnesses.

Blood Clots

Another huge concern for your loved one during this time can be the potential of her body forming blood clots. Clots build up typically in your loved one’s extremities, especially her legs. Should a clot form and then break loose, it can go straight to her lungs, her heart, or even her brain. Your loved one’s doctor may prescribe blood thinners or other medications to reduce the likelihood of clots forming.

Other Health Conditions

Because your loved one is forced to stay in bed for longer periods of time, she is at a greater risk of forming bedsores and may even have other health issues. Some of those might include urinary tract infections or yeast infections. Some of these issues can even be a result of side effects from the medications that are helping to prevent other problems from occurring.

Work with your loved one’s other family members and elderly care providers to stay alert for signs of any potential issues while your loved one is healing.

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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services