What Kinds of Considerations Do You Need to Think about Before Moving Your Elderly Loved One into Your Home?

Elderly Care in Harrison NY

It’s a big decision to move your elderly loved one into your home from her own. Even if she’s on board with the idea, it’s a big change. Handling it properly can make all the difference for each of Elderly-Care-in-Harrison-NYyou.

Initial Fixes for Safety

Carefully go through your home and start looking at anything that could present a safety hazard to your elderly loved one. Many items that are perfectly fine now, such as raised thresholds, can present a tremendous issue to your elderly loved one. Check items such as lighting, throw rugs, stairs, and any other issues. Start correcting issues as quickly as possible before actually moving your loved one into your home.

Look into Setting up a Convenient Suite

Whenever possible, you want to make sure that your loved one’s new living situation is as convenient for her as possible. This means keeping her bedroom and bathroom near each other when you can or keeping her from having to negotiate stairs if they can be avoided.

Consider Hiring Senior Care Providers

Hiring senior care providers to come in at specific times can help both you and your elderly loved one to rest much more easily, particularly if you have to go to work during the day. Home care providers can help your loved one adjust to her new living situation and you can take over at the end of the day.

Plan out the Move Carefully

Before the actual move, it’s essential that you make detailed plans for your loved one’s new situation. You’ll need to know where all of her things will go, for example, but that’s only the beginning. You’ll need to have a plan for anything that is going into storage or how you’ll be going through your loved one’s belongings to donate or to sell. If you don’t have a solid plan for all of this, things can go wrong quickly. The day of the move needs to go seamlessly for your loved one so that she doesn’t have to worry about a thing.

The more that you can account for before the move, the better.

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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services