Ensuring Your Parent’s Pet is a Part of Their Emergency Preparation Plans

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Your aging parent’s pet is an important part of their daily life and can make a tremendous difference in their health, wellbeing, and quality of life as they age in place. Because of the important role Home-Care-in-Chappaqua-NYthat this furry companion can play in your parent’s life, it is important that you keep them in mind when you are making plans and establishing measures to care for your parent in extenuating circumstances such as an emergency or disaster. September is National Preparedness Month. This is a time for you to make plans and put measures into place to ensure that your aging loved one is ready for an emergency, but that their pets are ready as well.


Use these tips to ensure that your parent’s pet is part of their emergency preparation plans:

  • Ensure they have up-to-date identification. Just like having proper identification is important for your elderly loved one, it is important for their pet as well. Make sure that their tags are accurate and consider having a microchip inserted to provide information if the pet gets away from your parent during the emergency.
  • Have their health records. Make sure that you keep the pet’s health records, including their shots and medications, easily accessible so that your parent can take them with them during the emergency if they need to evacuate. This will make getting them into a kennel or other care center easier.
  • Pack an emergency kit. You already know that your aging parent needs an emergency kit to help them through urgent situations, but you may not have thought about their pet. It is important that the animal has their own emergency kit as well to make sure that they have everything that they might need to get through this situation in the best way possible. This kit should include food, potable water, a blanket, sanitary supplies, a brush, treats, medications, and toys to keep them entertained. Consider bringing wet food so that they do not need as much water.
  • Find pet-friendly shelter. Well in advance of any emergency, make sure that you plan for your parent’s pet to have a safe shelter. Keep in mind that many public shelters do not allow pets so your parent will need to find an alternative. Research motels and hotels in the area and surrounding areas that allow pets, kennels in the area, and even pet shelters that provide emergency fostering in the event of a disaster. Having this information handy allows you to make the right decision for your parent when the situation arises.


If you are concerned that your elderly parent is not properly prepared for the possibility of an emergency or disaster situation, now may be the ideal time for you to consider starting home care for them. An in-home senior care services provider can be with your elderly parent to help them take the proper steps to get ready for an emergency situation, and to get through that emergency when it arises. This can give both of you greater peace of mind knowing that even if something difficult and potentially dangerous does occur, your elderly loved one is equipped with the supplies, skills, and knowledge to make the right decisions and help them get through this time in the way that is best for them.


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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services