Enjoying a Fun and Safe Visit to a Theme Park with Your Aging Parent this Summer

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July is National Vacation Rental Month. This is the perfect time for you to start thinking about those adventures that you want to enjoy with your family so you can make memories together during Home-Care-in-Greenburgh-NYthis special time of the year. A visit to a theme park is a favorite summertime activity for many families. These parks are filled with activities that appeal to a wide variety of ages, tastes, and abilities, from the littlest ones just wanting a place to play to thrill-seekers wanting to hop onto the biggest rides that they can find to the calmer visitors who prefer to just take in the ambience and enjoy shows, parades, and other quiet activities. This makes them perfect for multigenerational families who want to spend time together but who have different ideas as to what makes the perfect vacation day.

Simply because your parent is aging does not mean that they are not able to join you for your summertime adventure. With proper planning and preparation, enjoying a fun and safe visit to a theme park is something that your senior can do with you or with the help of an elderly care provider.

Use these tips to help you plan a safe, healthy, and fun visit to a theme park with your aging parent this summer:

  • Be familiar with the park. Being familiar with the park that you are going to visit makes you more confident that you will be able to find all of the amenities that you might need during your visit. Even if you have not visited that park before, you can get familiar with it by visiting the park’s official website. Download the map and study it so that you can find features such as restrooms, first aid stations, wheelchair rental locations, and restaurants.
  • Consider mobility. Visitors to theme parks often walk several miles in a single day of visiting. Even if your senior moves around fairly well, this can be extremely strenuous. Consider bringing along a mobility aid such as a walker or wheelchair. Generally these parks have wheelchairs and motorized scooters for rent so if your parent does not have one of their own they can still have access to them.
  • Talk with guest services. While getting familiar with the park make sure that you are getting familiar with their rules and regulations. Many do not allow outside food and beverages. If your parent has a special diet or requires medication, however, they can make special arrangements. Talk to guest services as soon as you arrive to make these arrangements so that your parent will have what they need throughout the visit.


Your parent may be dealing with challenges and limitations that are simply too much for them to feel confident heading on your visit to the theme park with you. An elderly care provider can be a tremendous help in this situation as well. If your parent decides that they would rather not accompany you on your visit, or you are planning a trip that you know that your aging loved one will not be able to enjoy safely and comfortably, respite care is your ideal option. This type of care allows for a care provider to temporarily step in to fill care gaps when you are not available. Whether you are going to be gone just for the day or for a week, the respite elderly home care services provider will be there to provide the level of care that your aging parent needs so you can both have peace of mind.

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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services