‘Super sub’ Joyce Lemonier Making a Big Splash Doing Double Duty as a Caregiver


Senior Care in Eastchester, N.Y.

The Perfect Home CareGiven the fact that Joyce Lemonier juggles two jobs, it would be understandable to conclude that she sometimes finds herself treading water. And you’d be correct.  That’s because, at least one day a weekend, she works in the aquatic center at the YWCA in White Plains, NY.  Her other job is that of a caregiver for The Perfect Home Care.

“The jobs are very similar in that they both involve caring for people,” said Ms. Lemonier. “And what I enjoy most is caring for people.”

Ms. Lemonier has been a part-time aquatics aide at the YWCA for the past eight years. She’s the recipient of special on-the-job training that allows her to facilitate activities and exercises in the YWCA’s pool for teens and young adults who are autistic or developmentally challenged.

“It can be hard work,” said Ms. Lemonier, a 55-year-old grandmother, about her position at the YWCA. “You need to be very patient, attentive, and compassionate. But the rewards outweigh the demands. I love working with the developmentally challenged.”

She’s still a bit of newcomer at The Perfect Home Care, having joined the agency in the autumn of 2015. In that short period of time, she has developed a stellar reputation, impressing both management and clients. Her primary role at the agency is that of an on-call specialist.

As such, she’s available to serve as a substitute when aides call out sick or are otherwise unable to complete their assignments. “This is a great way to ensure that clients are always served and taken care of, even if an aide is out,” said Ed Trapasso, president and co-owner of The Perfect Home Care.

“More often than not we call her at the last minute, and she almost always makes herself available, even if she needs to juggle personal business,” said Phil Waga, president and co-owner of The Perfect Home Care. “Despite the last-minute nature of her job, she is always cheerful and enthusiastic, a fact that’s not lost on our clients, who are unanimous in their praise for her. She is indeed our super sub and an overall super performer.”

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Geralyn DiGiovanni, Manager, Client Services